Les 10 commandements

01 . Drink a lot of liquids (water)
02 . Take the stairs rather than the elevator
03 . Exercise
04 . Walk to work
05 . Sleep enough (ideally 8 hours per night)
06 . Avoid mayonnaise, sauces, dressing (careful with cholesterol!)
07 . Choose whole grain breads
08 . Avoid alcohol (too many calories)
09 . Eliminate stress factors (bad for everything)
10 . Avoid sugar (calories and bad fast energy)

More tips

Always hydrate before, during and after any effort.
Never skip meals.
Over training is not good for your body.
Working your muscles is important, avoid focusing only on cardio (step, biking, rowing, etc.)

Motivation – a never ending source

Get motivated, it is in your own best interest to be in shape. Do you feel lazy or fat? Persuade yourself that you like new sensations and find the strength to overcome any obstacles. Motivation is an effect and is essential in your quest to be both fit and feeling good. You are dynamic and powerful, you just don’t know it yet.

Set Goals

Set realistic goals, these objectives are your check on your conduct and the carrot that will help you to advance. Don’t fix unrealistic goals, progressively increase them, this way you will be satisfied when you achieve your first results. Once you succeed once, set a new objective and stick to it until you get there.

A failure = experience

Quitting is not a solution to a failure, one must use failure to learn. You must use failure to redefine what you want and find another solution to reach it. It is allowed to drift slightly from your goals, or to take a small break from your program. After all we are only human! However, make sure you begin again after the break.

Sleep well

Sleep is your best ally in the quest for your perfect body (be it to gain or lose weight). Because your body needs to rest in order to be ready and energized for your next workout.

To begin your program

Start off the day with your best foot forward, do some exercise first thing in the morning. Being active in the morning will ensure that you are full of energy the whole day.

It’s impossible to have too much muscle

Women often worry about building too much muscle, and therefore favor cardio workouts (biking, rowing, step etc.) at the detriment to weight lifting. Contrary to popular opinion, women’s muscles do not get large as men’s do, women produce very little testosterone. For example, as muscles take up less space than fat, strong muscular legs are in fact, thinner. In order to eliminate cellulite and transform one’s body weight lifting is necessary.