To maintain a balanced weight and to have a beautiful body requires a proper relationship between exercise and healthy eating. Studies prove that going on low calorie diets is not effective and are unhealthy for your body along with disrupting metabolism.
This is why following a balanced nutrition plan along with a tailor made exercise program are the best means to achieving fast and lasting results.


You are what you eat

A unbalanced diet (too much fat, sugar, alcohol), a bad distribution of meals during the day (not eating enough for breakfast, or skipping breakfast), a diet lacking in important elements, i.e. fiber, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, can lead to and be the cause of serious diseases. Thanks to certified nutritionist Oliver Bourquin, you will learn how to eat a healthier, non-restrictive diet that is gentle to your metabolism. Discover a new personalized approach to nutrition which will be monitored and adapted based on your likes and results.